Huffington Post: START ME UP! Hurry And Get Tickets For EXHIBITIONISM- THE ROLLING STONES!

Huffington Post: START ME UP! Hurry And Get Tickets For EXHIBITIONISM- THE ROLLING STONES!

November 23, 2016

 The hottest band from the U.K. has taken over Manhattan with an unstoppable force that is driving fans and celebrities to the West Village in droves as they clamor to get tickets to see art dedicated to rockin’ quartet- and if the name One Direction came to mind, think again. Almost fifty-five years after they formed and The Rolling Stones are still the most beloved band on earth, their popularity so profound that it has even garnered an entire museum exhibit dedicated to their astounding success!

That exhibit in question would be Exhibitionism- The Rolling Stones, delivered by DHL. The largest touring exhibit ever to be staged, the enormous 17,000ft exhibit is a treasure chest of memorabilia and iconography with over 500 original and rare objects collated from the band’s archives and private collections including; instruments, personal diaries, unheard audio tracks, interactive mixing desks and original artwork from artists such as Andy Warhol, John Pasche, Walton Ford, Michael Cooper, Shepard Fairey, David Bailey and more, as well as 70 original costumes that were hand-selected from thousands of designer outfits including; Alexander McQueen, Prada, JP Gaultier, Gucci, Christian Dior, L’Wren Scott, and plenty of others, with Tommy Hilfiger as the official apparel sponsor. And after having much success in London, the exhibit has now made its way to the Big Apple and can be seen at the trendy Industria in the West Village through March 12th, 2017!

Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Tommy Hilfiger, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts
Fans are already showing up like wildfire to see the tribute to one of the most famous rock bands of all time, as well as some of the biggest names in fashion, music and entertainment, with a huge opening on November 15th that attracted some of the most talented people alive! From prolific film director Martin Scorsese, to incredible fashion superstars like Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs and John Varvatos, to loveable late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon, the room was filled with esteemed fans of Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts- who were also all in attendance to celebrate!

With Technicolor tongues splashed all throughout the decor, and industry icons fluttering about to celebrate some of the most iconic entertainers of all time, the opening was a grand success. Below, top designers Anna Sui and John Varvatos weigh in on the exhibit and how The Rolling Stones helped shape fashion, while The Rolling Stones discuss who they would like to see get an exhibit, and what they would think of a movie of their lives. Read below to see what they had to say!

Can you talk a little bit about how “The Rolling Stones” has influenced fashion and how their style has really impacted the fashion community?

ANNA SUI: Well, I know it influenced me. That’s one of the major reasons why I wanted to be a designer- I wanted to design for rock stars and rock star girlfriends. They were just always my idols, so to be at something like this is truly almost like heaven for me.

JOHN VARVATOS: When they started in the 60’s, The Rolling Stones walked to their own beat. They Didn’t wear uniforms like the rest of the bands, everybody dressed the same at the time, and The Stones did their own thing. They were evolutionary at that period, and really at the same time, very revolutionary. They were style icons to me, as well as so many other people. I wanted to be like The Stones. I loved The Beatles, but I didn’t want to be like The Beatles- they wore uniforms. They all wore the same thing. I wanted to be like The Stones. I wanted to be rebellious.

And you also saw the exhibit in London. Talk about that a little bit, and what you loved about it.

ANNA SUI: It was amazing! I love how it began, and it really felt like the old days, and it took you through the start of their career in Edith Grove, and then it took you to their studio which was so legendary. It was such a phenomenal tour of all of their incredible career, and ending up at a concert backstage- it was so exciting!

JOHN VARVATOS: I was so excited, and I was honored because they made me part of it. They interviewed me to be a part of the film and the book. Going through their wardrobes and all the old images brought back a lot of memories and a lot of inspiration, so I’m just so excited to see the exhibit here in New York

If you could see an exhibit of any musician or band, who would you personally like to see?

RONNIE WOOD: I’d like to see one of Bob Dylan!

MICK JAGGER: Oh, I’d like to see a Bob Dylan exhibit. That would definitely be interesting as it would feature a big Nobel Prize in the middle! That would be a great centerpiece!

If they were to make a movie out of “The Rolling Stones” and the experience you guys shared, is there any specific actors you would want in it, or anyone you would want to play you particularly?

RONNIE WOOD: Good question! I honestly wouldn’t know! This is very difficult to cast. I don’t know anyone who would be a good fit to play me, or Keith, or Mick, or Charlie- so, it’s really a difficult question. It’s hard to recapture this magic.

KEITH RICHARDS: They can’t make one like this, baby! And whoever tries to? Good luck! [Cracks up]

But, if any director does dare try to take on a biopic about the legendary rock stars, one thing will certainly be for sure- any movie about The Rolling Stones will definitely have great music!

For more information on Exhibitionism- The Rolling Stones, and how to get tickets for the exhibit, log on to their website at; http://www.stonesexhibitionism.com/exhibition/

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